About Me

About Me

My name is Stephanie. I am a 27 year old and the mother of two wonderful children. I am married to a wonderful man and have been following him up and down the East Coast while he serves in the military. I am fortunate in that he loves me and supports me in all my decisions.

I have a varied educational background including the following:

  • Associates degree in accounting
  • Associates degree in Health Science
  • Bachelors degree in Nutrition Science
  • Currently working on a Bachelors degree in Information Technology

Since being diagnosed with food allergies, I am now a bit health and nutrition enthusiast. I enjoy preparing healthy and delicious meals for my family and maintaining an active lifestyle. I also enjoy reading, crafting, and educating my munchkins.

Meet the Kids!

My first born is "Rapunzel." She is 6 years old. She is currently in Kindergarten but is moving fast in her studies. She is a such kind and compassionate child. She is likes horses, reading, crafts and helping me cook. 

This is "McQueen". He is 3 years old and obsessed with all things Cars. He is my wild man. He loves to be into everything all at once. He enjoys reading, playing games, and playing with his daddy. 

Join me on my Journey

I created this blog as a way to connect with others and share my experiences and the knowledge I gain throughout the way. Please feel free to contact me by email or follow me on pinterest. You can also subscribe by email. I hope you join us on our journey. I also hope you offer any advice to helps us on ours.