Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tuesday School- My Unique Human Body

For those of you who do know, Tuesday School is a weekly coop in which each family brings two to three activities relating to the chosen topic of that week. This week we studied the human body. There were a lot of great activities this week. We had DNA activities, body systems, and senses.

We completed this DNA activity I found from The University of Utah.

Little Man really enjoyed eating the marshmallows from this activity.

Little Man completed some puzzles

 Rapunzel made a model of her teeth:

Little Man practiced brushing "teeth" 

(dyed eggs)

We had a close look at the spine

This spine is made our of a pool noodle and rubber bands.

We got to study blood composition with this wonderful jar

The fluid (corn syrup) was the plasma.
The cranberries are the Red Blood Cells.
The rice is the White Blood Cells.
The lentils are the platelets.

 We created a stomach in a bag.

We got to see how a G- tube works

How did you spend your Tuesday?


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