Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Tuesday School- Earth Day

I am sorry this post is a little later than it usually is but yesterday I had one of those days as a mother where you want to curl up in a little ball and cry like a baby. In fact, I did cry like a baby (minus the curling up in a ball part). Have you every had a child run off on you? Well, little man decide to run off on me at the park yesterday. The scariest 4 or so minutes of my life.
 Every Tuesday we meet at the park to do our school. While the adults set up, the kids play in the open field that is right next to the pavilion. Little man was playing with the other kids, then I looked up again and he was not there. Luckily with all the adults there, we found him quickly. One of the ladies in our group found him standing up watching the baby geese. Of course I cried hysterically when I saw that he was safe. He wasn't scared at all.
What worries me about my son is that he is not afraid of anything. While I love this quality about him, it also worries me because this quality could get him in real trouble someday. Most terrifying moment on my life. Anyways, after all that craziness was over and little man was found, we started Tuesday School. Our theme this week was Earth Day.
The kids worked on fingerprint Earths.

They made Earth Day Bracelets that I found here.

Little man tried to get the oil off of some sea creatures involved in an "oil spill".

Both children made Earth Day T-shirts. 

 These shirts were super easy. The children used fabric paint to make a painting of whatever inspired them about the earth. Rapunzel made hand-print continents on hers and used a little heart rubber stamper to show how much she loves the Earth. Little man just wanted to paint his. 

After daddy got home, I asked him to take me out for dinner. He clearly saw that I need to decompress from our day. The kids had a really great time smashing open some peanuts. 

How did you spend your Tuesday?


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