Monday, April 15, 2013

Math U See Monday

We have been using Math U See in our home for a few months now. I have to say, that this is truly a great program. Completing math in my home can be a struggle because my children do not particularly care for it. Math U See has been a great option for us because it keeps them engaged in their lesson.

Rapunzel's Progress:

Rapunzel has started lesson 18 in Math U See Alpha. She has mastered all of her addition facts and is now moving on to subtraction. I love that the Math U See program focuses on skill mastery before advancing the student on to a new concept. She is starting subtraction now.

Little Mans Progress:
Little man is currently working Math U See Primer. He has moved through place value and he is now working on simple addition facts. He really enjoys doing his lesson and using the manipulative.

My only concern with this program so far is that there has not been any time or money incorporated into the lessons. I hope that this will be covered in later books because my children really enjoy using this program.