Friday, April 19, 2013

I Homeschool because... I get to spend more time with my children.

I wasn't one of those people who automatically knew that they wanted to homeschool.There used to be a time when I couldn't wait to drop my children off at school so I could take care of all the things that I had to do in the day. I saw my children as a hinderance to completing the things I need to do instead of the blessing that they are. There was never even a thought in my mind that I would enjoy spending as much time with them as I do now.

I enjoy the time I get to spend with my children. Instead of rushing around everyday trying to get everyone to the right place, we get to slow down and really enjoy each other. We get to get out of bed a little later in the morning. The children get to be well rested which helps there moods during the day. Because we don't have to rush to get places, we get to go do more fun activities during the day.

You may be thinking that if you spent any more time with your children, they would drive you crazy. You would be right. My children often drive me crazy and our day is sometimes full of arguments and yelling. But this is a small price to pay for all the moments you get to share with them. You get to be there to see them grow into the person they are supposed to be. Although our day does not always run smoothly, I would not trade the moments I get to spend with them.