Monday, March 11, 2013

Adventures in U.S. History MFW

It’s been awhile since my last post. I know. I am sorry for that. This is our 4th week homeschooling and so far things seem to be running pretty smoothly. My daughter is settling in nicely. She misses her friends at her old school and hates math but is in pretty good spirits. My son is a different story. He is a mess. He doesn’t want to do any work at all. It has been a struggle and so far I am only able to get him to work for an hour or so.
We are using Adventures in History MFW this year for our curriculum. We love it so far. It has a great layout and we love the topics covered in it so far. The kids seemed interested and engaged in the material. We love going to the library and picking up the books that go with each unit in the book basket. The only down side to this curriculum is that I find myself spending a lot of extra time supplementing the curriculum with lapbooks and projects. I wish more of these items were included in their curriculum.

This week we are starting our Native American Unit. In addition to the normal My Father’s World Curriculum we are adding several additional components to our lessons.

Today we started off learning about Native American History through this video.

We started our Native American Lapbook by Hands of a Child

We started learning about the Woodland Indians and started our Lapbook on them.
We learned about wigwams through this website.  We made a wigwam. Our inspiration for this project came from this website.

We learned this history of Dream Catchers with this video. We made our own Dream Catcher. We bought a dream catcher kit from our local Michael’s. This Dream Catcher  is similar to the one that we purchased.