Sunday, January 6, 2013

Why are we homeschooling?

Where do I start? 

After spending much of this past week having a million thoughts and questions running through my mind, I asked myself where do I start with all of this homeschooling stuff. That is when I did what any person would do when they have no idea where to start. I turned to the internet. After reading several websites, I finally got some clarity when I came across Erika's Blog Confessions of a Homeschooler. She states the first step to homeschooling your children is to create a vision for why you want to take on that challenge. 

Our Vision

Let me start off by saying that we love the school that our children attended. They have benefited so much from there Montessori education so far. That education has not come without a steep cost however. My husband works hard for the Navy and I am in school full time. On top of doing my school full time, I work off my kids tuition at their school three days a week. This leaves me exhausted. 

My husband and I want the very best for our children. We believe that for them to get the attention that they deserve they need to have one on one attention. They have grown so much from having individualized attention in there previous school. I believe that I am the only one who can give them the one on one attention they deserve without costing our family a fortune. 

In addition to having one on one attention, I want to make sure our children have a well rounded knowledge base. I want to develop there interests in all subjects by making learning interesting. I want to be able to make sure they have a mastery of the subjects they are learning before they have to move on to the next.  I want to foster their creativity not conform them to everyone else. I want them to have a lifetime love of learning. 

I think the most important factor in my choice to homeschool is how much more time I would get to spend with my children. The fact is that even though my kids drive me crazy sometimes, time goes by so fast. I want to spend as much time with them as I can now because they will be grown and starting their own lives before I know it. 

Homeschooling also allows us flexibility. With my husband being in the Navy, I am often left alone while he is deployed. I am stuck by myself because of children's school obligations. Homeschooling them will allow me the flexibility to travel with them to see family and stay with family for extended periods of time while my husband is gone. 

The final reason in our choice to homeschool is to strengthen our family bonds. I believe the time that "McQueen", "Rapunzel", and I spend together will only strengthen our relationship and foster an environment for communication and trust as they grow. I will not have to worry about who my children confide in as they get other because our relationship and trust will develop in time. 

These are my reasons for homeschooling. What are yours?